About Light Square

Light Square is a news site that aims to provide a balanced and unbiased perspective on the world's most pressing issues.

Our Mission

Light Square is a non-profit news organization dedicated to delivering high-quality journalism that informs and inspires.

Our Values

We believe that journalism should be:

  • Accurate
  • Impartial
  • Transparent
  • Accessible
  • Free
  • Objective

Our History

Light Square was founded in December 2022 by the people of Lumina and journalists and technologists who were frustrated by the lack of quality news sources on the internet.

We believe that the internet should be a place where people can find reliable, unbiased information about the world around them.

Our Affiliations

Light Square is an independently managed official government organisation of the Government of Lumina

Light Square is not affiliated with any other branches or departments of the government and this ensures journalistic independence and integrity.